Bangkok Plating Co., Ltd.

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  • Address : 68 หมู่บ้านดิเอนเทอร์ (ตรงข้ามนิคมอุตสหกรรมอัญธานี) ถ.กาญจนาภิเษก 39 แยก 10 แขวงดอกไม้ เขตประเวศ กรุงเทพฯ 10250

    68 The Enter Village (Opposite to Gemopolis Industrial Estate) Kanjanapisek 39 Rd., Yak 10 Dokmai Pravet, Bangkok 10250 Thailand

    Phone : (+66)8 5973 2389

  • Tel : (+66)2-106-2911

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Bangkok Plating Company Limited

We offer ranges of services not only about electroplating but ranges from setting, grinding and of course polishing.

Plating services
From brass, silver gold rhodium and platinum with capacity more than 10,000 pieces a day. Plating tanks are rigorously checked by plating expert to deliver the best finishing. Precision in color and consistency of color are one of the highest priority of our services. Bright white Rhodium plating will look bright white not dull grey. Gold, pink gold or other kind of metal or alloy will precise and consistent.

Polishing services
With capacity of about 500 pieces a day or more. We can polish any kind of metal.

Grinding and shaping services
We can do grinding for about 100 pieces a day. We are ramping up our grinding service in the future.

Setting capacity of 20,000 pieces of diamonds or gemstones a day make us one of the biggest setting service in Thailand.